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Through the Clouds...

Online exhibition from February 25, 2022

Special Guest:

Sonya Lee


Catalina Aranguren,  Mary Waltham, Sonya Lee

What do you see through the clouds? Blue skies, an opening up to colorful fun times, jesters, jokers, party-time? Feeling positive about the other side of the clouds, going places, seeing new things? What does your sunny-side conjure up that visually interprets “…through the clouds”.


Co-curated by Sonya Lee, Catalina Aranguren and Mary Waltham the exhibition showcases 36 international artists from 16 countries.

A first collaboration with Walk Bye a truly complimentary public art partner and social media platform based in Jersey City, NJ, USA.

(The curators participated but naturally did not jury their own work.)

Click on the arrows and you will be able to view all the pieces in turn as well as hovering over the play button on the video installations.  Double click and the image will also expand. 

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If you are interested in any artist's work please contact them directly through direct messaging on Instagram or through their website. 

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