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Chatting with our Artists

Beyond exhibiting we are getting to know our artists and so 'Chatting with our Artists' is an opportunity to understand the process and see the work of some of the international collection of professional artists we are already delighted to have as 'Better Together artists'. 


Mondli the Artivist who is based in South Africa creates original high quality thought-provoking artworks raising awareness about social contentious issues within the African diaspora and how those issues resonate to the rest of the world. 

His work is powerful, and contemporary. It encompasses and addresses many core issues concerning Africa now. As Mondli states " our history has been narrated for us rather than by us".. Mondli is now engaged fully in that narration bringing his own energy, commitment and insights.

His work includes a series "How much does culture cost" referencing the commodification of African culture and heritage.

Mondli recycles uniquely African materials that bring depth and strength to his work.

Catalina Aranguren 

Catalina Aranguren was born in Colombia and raised in Venezuela. She is a latinx woman immigrant artist, curator, community organizer, and social justice warrior based in Jersey City, NJ. Her work is in private collections across the United States, Australia, Italy, Colombia, and Chile, among others. She centers her work around the philosophy of personal perceptions and intends for her work to speak to the viewer about photography as an awareness of the subject. Catalina received her BFA from SAIC with a stint at Spéos Photographic Institute in Paris. She is currently raising three bilingual, bicultural, biracial and bustling boys with her husband and their giant dog.

Anna Savage

Anna Marie Savage is a contemporary visual artist based in Omeath, Co. Louth, Ireland.  A core thread that weaves through her work is a probing of identity, ranging from the personal through to the cultural and political . Everything she believes in; her country, its historical reference, its language, its culture, and identity forms who she is and thus informs her work.
She has recently been  chosen to be a participant in ‘Frontier Work’, a visual arts project that has been funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and Louth County Council that explores the concept and reality of borders for the centenary of Ireland's partition.

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