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There is a crack, a crack in everything...

That's how the light gets in

Online Exhibition February 8, 2020

Exploration of this theme is the basis for a unique collaboration between Madrid, Spain based visual artist Sonya Lee, Princeton, USA eco-artist Mary Waltham, and London, UK based mixed media artist EK Gerdin-Miosga. Each artist brings their own interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s well-known lines from the song Anthem (1992) to a universal sense of life experience.

Meet The Artists

EK Gerdin-Miosga
Meet the artists

"I am not what you think I am,

You are what you think I am" 


- Karano


We often make judgments about ourselves and judgments about others.

A woman I met said "People tell me how beautiful I am, but they don't actually bother to get to know me, I don't feel comfortable in my own skin."

I wish to convey the thought of judgment that we have about ourselves and others, the need to judge often without knowing.

As an environmental artist, Waltham explores themes connected to habitat, and to ecosystem and she questions man’s influence on both. In the works for this exhibition she references the impact of drought and flood on coastal wetlands through highly textured abstract paintings on canvas. The earth cracks and floods and consistently water level rises.

We each perceive space differently: not correctly; not wrongly; just differently.

Visible cracks can be seen as imperfections through the passage of time. Or marks of learning; promises that were forgotten; possibilities that were broken; sadness of the lost moments; Hope for where the light shines; Hope for a better future.

I investigate here the space in cracks. To fill them with beauty, I interpret them through photographs, drawings and the Kintsugi- the art of special scars- a Japanese technique to repair and display.

In a powerful development of these pieces I am now filling cracks with gold acrylic paint and gold leaf to display visually how the cracks can be mended.

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