'The Moment' Billy Collins

{extract 2005}

I could feel the day offering itself to me,
and I wanted nothing more
than to be in the moment–but which moment? Not that one, or that one, or that one,

or any of those that were scuttling by
seemed perfectly right for me.
Plus, I was too knotted up with questions
about the past and his tall, evasive sister, the future.

Seize the moment.

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Meet The Artists

I wanted to convey that art can be an expression that comes from the subconscious, which can follow you through your life until it comes to the forefront. I used to hide behind dark thoughts, memories and life choices until I found that art can be an expression where my emotions can come to light and now I live in the moment. I need to express myself in the moment and get whatever terrors out of my head to remain sane.  


I would like to describe the complexity of the thoughts and emotions that are created behind a face in an instant. The four paintings here are not physical representations of humans’ faces, but rather express the mental state behind each of them in those moments.  


Being completely “In the Moment” is the ideal creative experience when inspiration and action flow seamlessly.

I am looking for simplification, a distillation of what is important and interesting.

My latest works are about nature’s beauty, erosion and unpredictability, mindfulness,
regeneration, and appreciation.



EK Gerdin-Miosga's art work is a selection of mixed media images and photorealisim. EK Gerdin-Miosga's work looks into the moments of her life which seemed irrelevant but on reflection realising the power of which those insignificant moments now have on her life. 


Transient time, how to cherish it, how to share it? These images each recall distinct fleeting moments flecked with specific emotional context of place, time and circumstance. For me none of these moments will ever occur again.


Longing for tomorrow, yet echoing the past. Diving under the water to capture a moment. I shoot up to the surface to take a breath and then dive back down to find that precious present moment gone to reveal another. I now realise how a moment goes too quickly to catch and hold.