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Guest Interview

Aleksandra Karpowicz 

Conceptual Artist


Introduce yourself with one sentence about why you are passionate about art?

To me making art means being true to myself.


What media do you work in?

Video, photography and performance. I'm continuously exploring other mediums as well. 


How long have you been working as an artist?

I've been a full time artist since 2021, so it's been a decade.       


Do you have a studio space (if so describe it)?

Yes, I have a studio in East London. It's located in one of the last warehouses in Hackney Wick which resist gentrification. Hackney Wick is Europe's densest arts hub, so it feels great being surrounded by the creative community.  

What is your latest project about?

My last project is a film 'School Reading' ('Lektury Szkolne'). It’s a 22 min film exploring a battle over education, morality and values between two polarised groups in Poland, a country where I come from.  


Why did you choose this?

This film is inspired by the Women's Strike, a grassroot movement that shook the country after the abortion ban.  I autopsied the ‘pure and innocent’ acceptance of the values taught by the Catholic Church to reveal a significantly more sinister reality.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

A freedom to do work I believe in, without putting on the mask of social expectations. I'm really grateful for it.


What do you find hardest?

Juggling between making art and doing admin. 


What do you do to make and expand your artist network – especially during these challenging times?

I came back to London a few months ago, after one and a half year of the pandemic exile, and I'm slowly getting back to socialising which I find much more challenging than before. I started attending various events, meeting with other creatives and planning future projects. 

How did you discover Better Together artist collaborative?

Through EK Gerdin-Miosga who's been following my work for some time and has been a wonderful supporter for my art and activism. 


What is your major goal as an artist?

I always try to have a positive impact on the world around me, so I guess that would be my major goal. 


What are your Influences/Research?

People, people, people... I've got an endless curiosity in human nature that keeps on inspiring me. 


Describe the Techniques/Tools/materials you use?

I work mainly digitally, unless it's a physical performance.

Delving deeper - why do you make your work?

I have a background in politics and I treat my art as not only a way of self-expression but also a form of activism. Through my work I try to open a dialogue about difficult subjects, a dialogue so much needed in the modern, extremely polarised society. 


Where are you based?

East London, UK. 



What is your Future vision?

I spent the last couple of years going inwards with my art. I will certainly continue this path, however, collaborations with other people have been calling me strongly recently, so I'll definitely start working with others again. 

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Artist ~ Aleksandra Karpowicz  
Art Work ~ Aleksandra Karpowicz  
Interviewer ~ EK Gerdin-Miosga BEM

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